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A new law in Florida now makes it possible for those de-platformed by social media to sue for upto $100,000 that is what we call a great start. We are hoping to see more places follow suits as well as seeing the the caps removed for these cases.

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Did you know that no matter what you are selling or trying to promote, the more you advertise the more successful you will be? Yes it is a fact. Being on the first page of the search engines will bring you tons of free advertising too. We are pleased to announce that we are giving Jennie Menn the Architect of the Wikiweb access to our credit system so that she can reward those assisting with the wikiweb extra bonuses as a reward.

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20.04.2021 - An awesome win for the little guy

Ron DeSantis Governor of Florida has just signed legislation allowing Florida residents to sue big tech companies who unjustly de-platformed them.
It is nice to see someone in government actually doing their job and enforcing laws and protecting its citizens. It seems that Ron maybe the new kind of "Woke" in which people start to recognize the fact that if the government does not start protecting the masses that the masses will see that they have no need for government and that if they wait too long they won't ever get that cat back in the bag. After all this is not the 1800's

We particularly like this part of the article "The law requires social media platforms to be transparent about their content moderation practices and give users proper notice of policy changes. In addition to enabling individuals who are censored to seek monetary damages, the legislation allows the state's attorney general to sue Big Tech companies for unfair and deceptive trade practices." It shows that finally law makers are seeing that big tech has scammed the world. This is huge. While true experts know this, it is something that no one is talking about or doing anything about. It is big tech that conned the world into giving up owning their own website or teaching they don't need one and having "slaves" building their business on their platform.

These people that they are banning because they don't support their agendas are the people that made their platforms possible to begin with. If it was not for all the people scammed by big tech firms to work for them for free and create the content that they monetize, big tech would not even exist. If everyone just stopped, these companies would fold over night, even today after nearly 2 decades of slave labor. Slave because that is what you call someone who works for those who do not need it without pay while they reap all the rewards while giving you nothing or at the very most scraps.
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