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A new law in Florida now makes it possible for those de-platformed by social media to sue for upto $100,000 that is what we call a great start. We are hoping to see more places follow suits as well as seeing the the caps removed for these cases.

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Did you know that no matter what you are selling or trying to promote, the more you advertise the more successful you will be? Yes it is a fact. Being on the first page of the search engines will bring you tons of free advertising too. We are pleased to announce that we are giving Jennie Menn the Architect of the Wikiweb access to our credit system so that she can reward those assisting with the wikiweb extra bonuses as a reward.

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20.04.2021 - Great News

That is right, you can get free credits that you can use to advertise your site to members, get your site to the top of the search engines, buy websites, or use to pay others for thing you want or need, all by doing simple tasks that help to create the Wikiweb.


If you have skills that is great and I am sure she can put them to good use as well as help to get your name out to the world but even if you don't you can still participate because she has come up with some great ideas that literally anyone can do. Like playing games or watching and reviewing videos.


To do this however you will need to be in direct contact with her and you can do that through a group that she has set up on Wowapp which is available or PC or Mobile. If you are not a member you can sign up

by clicking here

If you are already a member simply add lo-mill as a contact and once he excepts your invite ask him to add you to the 20 Minute SEO Lounge.
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